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Main Dishes

Soupy Thai Green Curry Noodles

Welcome to the dish you are going to make this weekend! I promise, it’s so easy and you guessed it, SO DELICIOUS! We love Thai food around here and especially when it’s extra soup-y and contains noodles. I used Explore Cuisine organic brown rice pad thai noodles for this recipe […]

Appetizers, Main Dishes

Quick & Easy Veggie Stir-Fry

I randomly get cravings for stir-fry: 1) because I love vegetables 2) it involves a lot of vegetables :). You can pair all the veggies with a protein source like tofu or use a soy meat product. I like the items Quorn sells, and for this recipe I used Quorn […]

Appetizers, Main Dishes

Rice Noodles

I love these rice vermicelli noodles. They are light and savory, and incorporate a nice blend of traditional Indian spices. It’s quick and easy with the actual cooking time < 15 min! This dish pairs perfectly with a side salad or hearty soup. Been making this one for years, and […]